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Solar Panel

Specialising in Gold Coast Solar Systems

Solar Systems

Avoid being confused by Solar sales people and let our experienced solar pv knowledge go to work for you.

Our goal is to get you the best value for money and the highest quality system possible to suit your needs. We only deal with the top solar panel and solar inverter manufacturers and with our buying power, allows us to be price competitive whilst you get a better quality product.

Try our personalised Online Quoting Tool, it only takes a couple of minutes to fill in and in return you will receive a customised quote for your home.

With the use of our online tool, specialised satellite software and of course a touch of experience. We will create a quote with a proposed system that would best suit your home and your needs. We will also let you know what Government rebates you are entitled too.

We have the attitude that whether you need it today or in two years, if we can provide excellent customer service today, then you may choose to use our services down the track in the future.
This is how we stand out among the crowd and this is why we have been in business on the Gold Coast for over 15 years.

No obligation, No high pressure sales, No telemarketing harassment & No bull!

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Solar Battery

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To The future

Solar + Batteries

Our experience in the field in batteries is second to none. We do the research to future proof your home for battery ready solutions.

Gold Coast Solar Systems is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for our customers solar power needs. As a company, we have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who are up to date on the latest solar technologies and techniques. This means that we can offer our customers expert advice and guidance, ensuring that they get the best possible solution for their residential or commercial premises.

We only use the highest quality materials and equipment in our installations, in addition to our expertise. We work together with industry leaders to ensure that our systems are dependable, efficient and long lasting. This means that our customers can be confident that their investment in a solar and battery system will pay off. Overall, Gold Coast Solar Systems have the best combination of expert knowledge, high-quality materials and excellent customer service for your solar and battery system.

Off grid

Solar PV & Battery Combinations To Suit

Off Grid Systems

Off grid is a specialist field and our team have that experience.

We have over 10 years of experience putting together off grid solutions for any environment or circumstance. Our partnerships with World leading off grid inverter and component manufacturers, allows us to implement the best long term solution for your home.

Let us help you with some off grid solutions


Solar Upgrade? Yes You Can!

Solar upgrades

Most people don’t realize you still get the Federal Govt. STC rebate on replacement panels and inverters.

You can replace an old inefficient 8 panel system with 20 or more panels to meet today’s electricity costs and still receive another rebate.


A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Repairs & Maintenance

If your system is more than 6 years old it may be time to get a full system inspection to check that your existing system is working.

Systems of the age are susceptible to the following.

Cracked or damaged panels

Exposed cabling damage due to pre 2014 CEC standards

Low output inverter due to deterioration

STC Govt. rebates may be available to solve these issues. Contact us to find out more.


A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Commercial & Farming

High-rise apartment complexes, unit blocks, stand alone factory units, motels, hotels and entertainment centres, shopping centres and car parks, service stations, we do it all.

We can design and install the perfect solution for any type of rural property or commercial farm. Roof top or ground mount systems.

We have supplied systems to small businesses right through to 3000 panel systems on industrial complexes.

We Know Solar

Industry Knowledge

With over 15 years based on the Gold Coast supporting local residential and business customers with their energy solutions. From initial site visit to Installation our process is overseen by our Engineers and Technical design team.

Tier 1 Manufacturing Partners

Quality products

Our experience means that you get the latest technology and highest quality products through our long standing partnerships with world leading manufacturers. Such as SMA (German Inverters)  Fronius (Austria) GoodWe, GE Astronergy and Fimer (Italy).

We only deal with Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers that meet our stringent guidelines, for example these include Australian physical presence and fully insured warranties on all products.

Customised Solar Systems for you

Value For money

We design and install customised solar panels arrays, inverters & batteries to suit your needs. We deal with Tier 1 products not tv specials that are poorly designed by inexperienced telesales people which end up incompatible with your home.

Our buying power is significant and the saving are passed onto you.

Try our online solar quote tool and see the difference, click here Solar Quotes.

Success through Service

Customer service

You are dealing with local Gold Coasters who are you neighbours and live in your district.
We understand what customer service is expected and our actions speak louder than our words. Out team are regularly commended for going above and beyond. Feel free to contact us for any enquiry.

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Solar panels are made of extremely impulsive, binding materials. (DC) electricity is crated when the sunlight shines on the cells.
The (DC) electricity then passes through an inverter and is turned into (AC) Power. This is the same type of power used in your home from the power pole.
Did you know there are more than 2.5 million residential solar systems across the country with QLD accounting for the highest percentage per capita in Australia.
One new Australian makes the switch to solar every 90 seconds
As long as the sun rises every morning then Solar energy is here to stay. Solar is the key to future proofing your home with low electricity costs whilst significantly contributing to a cleaner climate

Modern high quality solar panels do not need high levels of sunshine, to create power as much as they need direct line of sight to UV rays from the sun.

Just as you still get sunburn on overcast days, solar panels will still develop power in low level cloud cover or even rainy weather periods. Obviously the solar panels don’t create as much power as they do on bright full sunny days.

Obviously solar panels won’t generate any power at night.

Yes you are still connected to the grid for power consumed out of solar hours. You will not have to arrange anything, the solar provider will lodge the Network application to install solar on your behalf.
Once the system has been connected and your installer has completed the required certificate of compliance, they will lodge that with the Network Provider (Energex) and your all set.

In most cases the Network owner (Energex) will send the work order to your current Electricity provider (Origin, ALG, Energy Australia etc) and they will arrange for a technician to come out and change the meter over from the old spindle type to the new Wi-Fi digital meters.
Once this part of the process is completed and your meter is now able to read the excess energy produced and not consumed by the solar panels you will start to receive solar credits on your power bill to help offset the power consumed in your home at night or early in the morning pre dawn.

There are a number of finance options available today known as Green Loans with attractive interest rates with no deposit required.
Many people find that financing the solar system is an attractive option as in most cases it becomes a cash positive scenario whereby the amount of your normal quarterly electricity charges is more than the amount you will be paying off for the system for the duration of the loan.
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That depends on how much power your home or business uses and the usage patterns, the rate your electricity provider charges for electricity, and several other factors.
In most cases the solar provider aims to offset 70–90% of your quarterly bill, so that’s a good place to start your calculations.
It is always necessary to provide a recent copy of your bill to carry out an accurate assessment.
Solar production will earn credits for any excess energy not consumed by the household during the day to be used to offset energy used out of solar hours. If you’re solar provider is not offering to carry out a bill assessment to lower the price of your bills then you are with wrong company.

Once the Installation team has completed the job and the electrician has lodged the paperwork with the Network, typically done the next day, your electricity provider will receive notice to change your meter over to a digital one (this typically takes a few weeks) your Solar Panel system will be turned on at that point and your system will now generate power for your home sending excess energy back to the grid. If you are billed for electricity on a quarterly basis the savings will be seen on your very first bill, depending on where you are in the quarterly cycle of billing. .

The short answer is Yes every new solar system installation attracts Federal Government Small Scale Certificates (STC’S) as an upfront rebate as an offset against future emissions your solar system will save the environment by not using Coal Fired power from the network. This also applies to home owners who already have a system and need to replace or upgrade an existing system.
Your solar provider will arrange for you to receive the STC rebate on the installation of your solar panels. This amount is then deducted from the price of the system and your out of pocket costs are shown se below;
E.G 6.6kW System Costs Standard Install Tin Roof Single Story
Price $9,500.00 inc GST
20 x 330W Solar Panels + 5kW Inverter
STC Rebate $3,600.00 CR
Your Final Price $5,900.00
The cost of Solar Panels has never been more attractive as the world market has now matured to a point where solar is now a recognised mass-market product. With the improved technological advances in the manufacturing process and improvements in overall efficiencies in performance today’s solar panels generate substantially more power per watt than ever before.

With the cost of electricity at an all time high in Australia Solar is a no brainer however the most common question posed by homeowners is what is the best size and how much will it cost?
Here is a simple guide to use to match your quarterly power costs against the right size solar panel system
Sample Only: Match 1kW of Solar Panels for every $70.00 – $80.00 of power charges (this does not include your network daily charge) i.e. if your quarterly electricity (kWh) usage charges are around the $500.00 mark you will need to install a 6.6kW Solar system.
If your home has large quarterly electricity bill is in the range of $600 – $1,000 you will need to look at installing a 10kW system with export limit on anything over 5kW.
The electricity network allows 5kW of solar per single phase with full export capabilities, this is to protect the network from too much power coming back into the grid and overloading the local transformers. In other words they will allow you to install 10kW (inverter size) on a single-phase home. In this case the installer must include a smart meter to limit the amount of exported solar energy your system is sending back to the grid to 5kW of the inverter size.

The short answer is yes everyone loves saving money.
For every $1,000 you save in electricity charge as a result of having a solar system on your home every year, you may gain an additional $20,000 in property value. There are a number of financial models showing the long-term benefits from solar and subsequently the increase in value in a property that has solar already installed. This is also known as Net Present Value of an investment (NPV) The value of your money invested today versus the long-term savings or gains from that investment. Typically Solar has a very positive return on investment in the 30% – 40% range therefore the NPV can sometimes be 7 -10 times the initial cost.

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