GoodWe Inverter Warranty Upgraded to 10 Years

Goodwe Inverters 10 Year Warranty

GoodWe Inverter Warranty Upgraded to 10 Years

Gold Coast Solar Systems is happy to announce that when you buy any on-grid GoodWe Solar Inverter, we will double  your existing warranty to a full 10 year GoodWe Inverter Warranty, with just a few easy steps.

GoodWe 10 Year Inverter Warranty from Gold Coast Solar Systems.

10 Year Warranty

All you have to do is join the Goodwe (SEMS)  Smart Energy Management System portal!

When joined to the GoodWe portal your power generation data will be uploaded and you will then be able to view all your energy generated on a daily basis online. Upgrades and trouble shooting issues will also be able to be monitored and reported online. By choosing to use the service GoodWe will stand by their products for a huge 10 Year warranty!

Our energy suppliers have announced to us that they will provide Gold Coast Solar Systems with a GoodWe 10 year solar inverter warranty on all solar inverters installed after 2021 on the Gold Coast. If your looking for all the T&C’s or more information call or email us, or you can visit the GoodWe website here.

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