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As the use of solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, people are becoming more proactive in taking further steps forward in reducing their on grid usage of power.

The addition of a solar battery systems is one of the more popular choices today when wanting to take the next step in energy savings for your home. The name “Tesla” has become an Australian household name these days, with their Power solutions, Electric vehicles, Spaceships and now Social media interests.

However did you know there is another Australian household name which every Aussie has heard growing up as a kid? That is the name “Redback!” Not the one normally associated with Australia’s most feared spider, but the Redback that is turning heads for different reasons. Redback is a developer of solar and battery energy solutions and best of all the company is, born, bread and based right here in Australia.

Australian Company Redback Technologies based in Queensland is leading the pack when it comes to innovation and “Made for Australia” energy solutions. Redbacks partnerships with the University of Queensland and Microsoft has helped pave the path for the design and manufacturing of rock solid energy products for Australian conditions and a solar battery price literally impossible to compare.

Redback Supplier Gold Coast

After a long relationship with Redback, Gold Coast Solar Systems is a proud Approved Partner of Redback Technologies and stands by the Australian Solar Energy icons products.

Redbacks design of solar inverters and solar battery solutions has always had our Aussie extreme weather conditions in mind and can also be retrofitted to any existing solar panels out in the marketplace today.

If your looking to take the next step forward and adding a solar battery system to your existing solar power or if your looking for a complete solar system from scratch. Choose one of our online quote tools to get an idea of the best solar battery price and solution for you.

Using our specialised quoting and satellite software we take out all the technical jargon and make it easy for you to make the right choice. Give it a go by clicking the appropriate link below.

Redback Solar Battery

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

For those who are not sure on how solar batteries work or how solar batteries can be a game changing addition to your existing solar panel system, here’s a short video explaining how Redback Solar Battery Systems work.

Benefits of installing a Solar Battery

We sometimes use the term “It’s a no brainer” however if you fit the criteria of benefiting from solar battery power, then  it really could be an option for you not to overlook.

The benefits of solar battery storage when used in the right environment can be a real game changer for your energy needs, and spend.

Here are just a few benefits for installing a Redback Technologies Smart Battery System.

Energy Independence:
By adding a solar battery you can keep using energy even if the grid goes into a blackout.

Lower Power Bills:
With a solar battery, you can store excess power during the day and use it at night.

Increase Your Home Value:
It is known that homes with solar systems are a key selling point when selling a home and by adding a battery this just increases the value of the asset.

Long Term Savings:
While there is an initial cost to installing a solar battery, the long term savings can outweigh this.

Quiet and Clean Operation:
Solar batteries are silent and do not produce noise or emissions, unlike traditional generators that are noisy and use fossil fuels.

If you would like help in working out if a solar battery system is for you. Feel free to use our online quote tool or contact Gold Coast Solar Systems with your inquiry. The more information you can provide us with, the better we can provide a solution that is tailored to your home and lifestyle.

Start your online quote now, links below.

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Redback Solar Battery
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Redback Solar Batteries As the use of solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, people are becoming more proactive in taking further steps forward in reducing

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